Bootcamp to Business – a 2020 special!

Bootcamp to Business – a 2020 special!

This year’s Bootcamp to Business is a ‘2020 special’ designed specifically for young entrepreneurs ready to meet the challenges set by 2020 head-on and run a business that can flourish in this new way of working.

What you can expect:

  • Expert advice: Get valuable tips from successful entrepreneurs and experts in their fields.
  • Tips from Bootcampers: Hear from previous bootcampers about how the experience helped them start and grow their business.
  • Networking and collaboration: Meet like-minded people and collaborate with them at Bootcamp and in the future.
  • A clear action plan: Work with Big Ideas Wales Business Advisers to create an action plan to take your business forward.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to the business world in 2020
  • How to raise finance
  • How to build a network – who do you need to know
  • Build resilience in your business
  • Get in front of the right people – how to market your business effectively


  • Interactive 2-hour online sessions
  • Scheduled in the early evening so that you can participate after uni, work or family commitments
  • Who it’s forTo be eligible you need to be:
    • Aged 18-25
    • Recently started a business in Wales in the last 12 months or plan to start a business in Wales in the next 12 months

    How to apply


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