Gardens, Environment and Racial Identities

Gardens, Environment and Racial Identities

Partnership event between RCC and School of History, Law and Social Sciences at Bangor University. A free online zoom event – join us to explore the complex relationship between nature and ethnicity.

Zehra Zaidi – Gardens and diversity.
Zehra will be talking about John Ystumllyn an 18th-century gardener who is one of the first well-recorded black persons in North Wales. During her talk, Zehra will be making a special announcement regarding diversity and gardening in the UK.

Dr Marian Gwyn – Slavery landscapes of Wales.
The landscapes of Wales have been written about for centuries for their stunning scenery and enduring communities. In this talk, Marian will be offering a different perspective, one that explores how every part of Wales was connected to slavery.

Professor Nathan Abrams – The Unnatural Jew: Jews and Nature.
In modern Diaspora Jewish culture, the Jew is constructed as urban (often urbane), located overwhelmingly in a metropolitan landscape, and who has an uneasy relationship with nature, where he does not belong. By and large, Jews have been denied a significant place or omitted from those cinematic genres in which landscape, as part of the mythic national character, dominates as a narrative device.  This talk will be discussing why these representations persist.

Dr Dana Brablecova:  Environmental racism and urbanisation: The case of Indigenous peoples in Latin America.
This talk will explore how a consequence of liberal market economic activities have resulted in Indigenous rural-to-urban migrants being negatively affected by their new urban environment and forced to live on the outskirts of cities, often in highly polluted areas with limited access to basic services, generating a series of health problems in these communities. In light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this presentation addresses some complexities of Indigenous urbanisation in Latin America, placing environmental racism at the centre of the debate.

Location: Zoom – online

Time: Friday 22 October 2021, 10am – 12.30pm

Contact: Dr Corinna Patterson: [email protected], Dr Marian Gwyn: [email protected]

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