Design and Engineering

Alexander P Ashbourne

Ashbourne is known for receiving a patent for a biscuit cutter, the cutter had a board to load and unload biscuits easily

Frederick McKinley Jones

Frederick McKinley Jones was a successful American inventor and entrepreneur. He patented more than 60 inventions over his life time in a number of divergent…

Garrett Morgan

Morgan patented several inventions which included an improved sewing machine, traffic signal lights

Granville T Woods

Granville T Woods was a successful American inventor, he dedicated his life’s work to developing a variety of inventions many related to the railroad industry.

Henry Blair

Blair was an African American farmer who patented two devices designed to help boost agricultural productivity

Lyda Newman

A hairdresser by trade, she received a patent for an improved model of hairbrush in 1898. She also fought for women’s right to vote, working…

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

In 1976 Kenner patented an attachment for a walker or wheelchair that included a hardsurfaced tray and a soft pocket for carrying items. She and…

Matthew A Cherry

Matthew A Cherry invented several devices that helped revolutionise the transportation industry.

Sarah Boone

Sarah Boone was an African American dressmaker who made her name by inventing the modern ironing board.

Sarah E Goode

Sarah E Goode was one of the first African American women to be granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for her…

Thomas Elkins

Dr Thomas Elkins played a significant role in supporting the Underground Railroad in Albany, New York during the 1840s and 1850s
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