Politics and Leadership

Abdulrahim Abby Farah

Farah represented Somalia at the United Nations for 25 years. He served as the Undersecretary General from 1979-1990.

Allan Gaisyer Minns

Allan Glaisyer Minns was the elected mayor of Thetford, Norfolk which made him the first black man to become mayor in Britain.

Amy Ashwood Garvey

She made significant contributions to the Pan Africanist movement, feminism and community development in Britain, the Caribbean and West Africa.

Bernie Grant

Bernie Grant was one of the first Black MPs in Britain

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi went from being an extreme anti-gay campaigner into becoming the first Nigerian to come out on the country’s national TV

Enrico Stennett

Enrico Stennett was a forceful figure who campaigned for racial equality until he died and has frequently been recalled as one of the most important…

FannyAnn Eddy

She dedicated her life to supporting and advocating for member of LGBTQ+ community and their rights, frequently addressing the United Nations and other international groups.

Iris de Freitas Brazao

Iris de Freitas Brazao was the first female lawyer in the Caribbean. Iris studied for a BA and then her Bachelor of Laws at Aberystwyth…

John Darwin Hinds

John Darwin Hinds had a successful career in Welsh politics, most notably becoming Wales’ first Black and first Muslim councillor and furthermore, becoming Wales’ first…

John Richard Archer

Early Black British mayor and a founding member of the Labour Party. Keir Hardie and Ramsay MacDonald are wellknown as the founding fathers of the…

Linda Bellos OBE

In 1981 Linda became the first non-white lesbian to join the Spare Rib feminist collective which was the second wave feminist magazine in the United…
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