Health and Medicine

Africanus Horton

He established theories that linked human health to topography during this time and his theories earned him a prestigious reputation in the medical community.

Alexa Canady

First female African American neurosurgeon in the United States

Alice Augusta Ball

Alice is known for her ‘Ball Method’, which was the most effective method against leprosy in the 20th century.

Annie Brewster

First AfroCaribbean nurse known to be working in the UK in late 19th century

Austin Maurice Curtis SR

Curtis established a private surgical practice. He became a highly respected surgeon and was eventually appointed the Surgeon in Chief at Freedman’s Hospital in Washington…

Daniel Hale Williams (Dr)

Dr Daniel Hale Williams opened the first interracial hospital in 1891 in Chicago’s South Side and taught anatomy at his old university

Daphne Steele

Daphne Steele made headlines around the world when she became the UK’s first Black hospital matron in 1964 at St. Winifred’s Hospital in Ilkley, West…

Franklyn Jacobs (Dr)

Franklyn Jacobs is one of the founders of the African Caribbean Medical Society which helps raises awareness and campaigns for greater understanding of health issues…

George Cleveland Hall

In 1915 he was one out of the people who created the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, also known as ASNLH.…

Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent OBE (Dr)

Jacqueline is England’s first Chief Midwifery Officer and Professor of Midwifery at King’s College London and London South Bank University.

James McCune Smith (Dr)

Smith had a keen interest in languages. mastering Latin, Greek, and French and he also developed a working knowledge of Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and German.
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