Environment and Nature

Advolly Richmond

Advolly Richmond is an independent garden and social historian. She is a Trustee of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust and a member of the Gardens…

Ahmed Yasine Ali (Dr)

He was the founder and CEO of IGO ltd which he described as an innovative botanical product supply company, which also developed new bioactive botanical…

Danny Clarke

A horticulturist and broadcaster, Clarke was the first Black person to present their own gardening show in the UK, The Instant Gardener.

Dominique Edwards

towards ensuring communities of colour have access to fresh, nutritious food

Flo Headlam

Headlam initiated a complete change in direction and studied general horticulture and garden design at Capel Manor College, London.

Gillian Burke

Burke is Vice President of the Wildlife Trusts, and an Ambassador of the rainforest protection charity Cool Earth.

John Edmonstone

Freed black slave from British Guiana (Guyana) who taught the evolutionist Charles Darwin the skill of taxidermy.

John Ystumllyn

John Ystumllyn was an 18th-century gardener and the first well-recorded Black person in North Wales. He and his wife Margaret are also the first recorded…

Juliet Sargeant

Sargeant is an award winning garden designer, author and TV Presenter, with her own teaching school in Sussex. She was the first female Black designer…

Liam Dutton

Dutton is a fully qualified Meteorologist, having completed the Met Office’s IFC forecaster course.
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