Black History Cymru 365 (BHC365)

We believe that Black History should be taught and celebrated not just annually, but throughout the year. Black History Cymru 365 (BHC365) delivers informative, educational and celebratory programme of events acknowledging the contributions made by the people of African and African-Caribbean descent to local, national and world history and culture all year round.

The aim of such initiative is to encourage everyone, irrespective of ethnicity or colour, to take part in events, learn about our shared global history and celebrate diversity and cultural understanding.

BHC365: Creative Arts Programme

Black History Wales management team created a national, year-round Creative Arts Programme of excellence, which encourages African and African-Caribbean communities in Wales to develop new skills and gain valuable experiences, through the arts.

Our team believes that Art has the ability to enrich and change the lives of people in Wales, and the Creative Arts Programme seeks to empower communities by providing opportunities to build confidence, skills and experiences.

We organise and provide various creative workshops to support young people as well as older individuals who wish to acquire and develop new skills.

Every year, during BHM Wales celebrations the participants of our BHC365: Creative Arts Programme have the possibility to showcase their newly acquired skills through various performances at the most exceptional venues in Wales including St Fagans National Museum of History, Bangor Town Hall, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Wales Millennium Centre and many others.

Participating in art events and workshops can be a transformative experience. By bringing diverse cultures and communities together, we promote creativity, embrace diversity and celebrate difference.

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The Black History Cymru 365 Piano Lessons

The Black History Cymru 365 Piano Lesson Programme is funded by Arts Council Wales and sessions are delivered by Race Council Cymru. Ify Iwobi is a Welsh A-List Pianist/Composer and is employed by Race Council Cymru to teach the piano to ethnic minority students who don’t have the opportunity to access resources.
BHCymru 365 Piano Lessons

The Black History Cymru 365 Multi-Cultural Dance

Based in Wrexham, Rainbow Starlings is a Black History Cymru 365 creative programme of Multi-Cultural Dance for young people to learn and develop their skills in dance, movement and choreography.

Rainbow Starlings

BANGOR: BHC365 programme of Brazilian Capoeira Dance & Music by Capoeira Mocambo

Delivery started in January 2020 with workshops and outreach sessions to community, youth and school groups. Capoeira sessions were then delivered weekly in the Old Goods Yard to a range of ages until recent lockdown.

Since Covid19:

Development of a series of online demonstration sessions hosted on RCC, BHMW and associated websites, youtube & social media platforms for free download. Plus online 1 to 1 sessions for more advanced participants. Contact sessions will continue when possible if and when social distancing rules relaxed.

ABERYSTWYTH: BHC365 Creative programme of speakers

location Aberystwyth Student Union | BAME student groups and Arts Centre. Delivery of a series of inspirational BAME speakers suspended whilst Aberystwyth University closed.

Since Covid19:

Development to look at the opportunity to arrange filming of core speakers to deliver online for viewing/download hosted on RCC/BHW websites. Contact sessions will continue when possible if the venue reopened and when social distancing rules relaxed.

NEWPORT: BHC365 Music and Drama Performance Development

This was to be delivered in Newport but now cancelled whilst hosting venues are closed. We are looking at new delivery of a CreaFve Arts drama and dance programme for 2021.

SWANSEA: BHC365 programme of Youth Music Development

Youth Music Development 16 to 26 | Managed by Simon Parton

Swansea based freelance musician Simon Parton is offering support for musicians as part of the BHC365 programme. Simon has experience not only as a musicians himself but within the wider Welsh music industry through BBC Wales’ Horizons project, coordinating the Swansea Music Hub, organising events and more.

For advice and support surrounding marketing, social media, content creation, PR campaigns, production or just general advice relating to the music industry, Simon is offering one-to-one sessions. For more information contact him at [email protected].

CARDIFF: BHC365 programme of Design Performance

A project led by artist & designer Lucy Hall exploring ‘labour’ within workplaces. Project based on the different types of labour taking place in one building, Arts-based and non-Arts based.

initial engagement between contractors and designers (both working in RWCMD main building) started in October 2019. Ongoing planning, sketches and studies of contractors completed by designers and a creative programme for the engagement of workforce families planned. Development to create performance design/exhibition based or short film or animation based on collecting ideas and stories for either short film or animation by the independent film-maker.

Onsite activities now canceled as the venue is currently closed.

Since Covid19:

Development of independent Cardiff based film-maker Christine Patterson (being mentored by documentary filmmaker Rupert Edwards) continuing to develop ideas and stories for either short film or animation.

This project may evolve as supporting/mentoring the young African filmmaker to create a piece of work for Black History 2020-21.

Wales Wide: BHC365 A Wales wide Creative Arts programme (including new writing):

This programme provided one of creative taster sessions in partnership with ArFsts and Arts organisations along with a new writing programme for emerging BAME writers.

Since Covid19:

This programme has been canceled and the funding redirected to creating the Black History Wales online ArFsts Gallery. We hope to work with all our partners in the near future to reinstate this programme delivery.


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