Black History Wales | 2000 Nations | Celebrating Diversity

RCC leads Black History Wales (BHW) & Black History Cymru 365 (BHC365) and this year we launched the programme on 1 October 2020 and will deliver the full year of Black History across Wales to end of September 2021.

The title this year is: 2000 Nations | Celebrating Diversity | Black History Wales. People of African and Caribbean descent originate from around 2000 different ethnic groups with a range of over 2000 languages and multiple cultural traditions. A year to explore the interventions, educational achievements, innovative contributions and to celebrate and share this rich heritage through the Arts here in Wales.

We aim to progress longer term engagement between African and Caribbean Artists and communities, and to support Arts organisations to develop new work. We aim to progress a better understanding and integration of diverse communities and evaluate the benefits of the year long programme against a one-month programme.

Black History Wales | 2000 Nations | Celebrating Diversity | Events


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Take a peek at what we have got up to over the last few years. If you have any suggestions about events that you would like to see the Black History Month Wales hold again, then please get in touch.