The National Black History Wales Youth Awards

The National Black History Wales Youth Awards is an event delivered
annually within the Black History Wales programme.

The National Black History Youth Awards recognise the contributions of outstanding young people of African and Caribbean descent to celebrate their achievements.

It is quick and easy to nominate someone and all nominators and nominees will receive an invitation to attend the celebratory event.

The Award Ceremony will take place, at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay, Pierhead St, Cardiff CF99 1SN

6.30 pm Thursday 6 October 2022

Award Categories And Criteria

Anyone can nominate a young person for an award in one or more of the categories below; each nominee is required to be aged between 13 and 30 years old and living, studying, born or working in Wales.

Young Carer

A young person who is the carer for someone unable to care for themselves because of a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem. Most young carers look after one of their parents or care for a brother, sister or family member.

Young Volunteer

A young person who works voluntarily for a social cause or organisation and has demonstrated exceptional self-sacrificing spirit in serving people and the community over an extended period of time.

Admiral Group Young Leader Award

A young person who has shown promise and gained skills, knowledge, qualifications and/or experience in leading civic engagement, educational activities and community organising activities.

The Royal British Legion Good Citizen Award

An honest and self-sacrificing young person who has made an exceptional contribution or service to his community and society at large, by showing compassion and care for people and other living things.

Outstanding Academic Achievement

A student/learner who has achieved outstanding results within their educational programme or has overcome significant obstacles to achieve the highest grades possible in their examinations, assessments or tests.

Big Ideas Wales Entrepreneur Award

Pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors who run their own business/es or social enterprise. In particular ventures with a wider benefit (such as tackling a social need, creating employment in areas of deprivation) to the local communities would be an added advantage.

Coastal Housing Group Science & Innovation Award

A young person who is making significant contributions to any scientific field of study or whose work supports innovation in any area.

Visual Arts

A young Artist excelling in any area of Visual Arts and Design, including fine art, performance design, lighting and sound design, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts, craft, ceramics and glass, printmaking, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture.

Performance Arts

A young person who is excelling in any area of performance for example music, dance, drama, spoken word, comedy, circus.  All forms of live performance will be accepted as well as performance for music production, radio, film and online viewing.

Creative Industries

A category for young people excelling in the creative industries for example writers, producers, composers, event production, festival programming and any form of event creation.


A young person, who is actively involved, participates in and or has achieved a significant feat or level in any sport or competitive events.

Special Awards for public service to Wales during Covid19

A series of Awards to recognise young people who have made a significant contribution to people in Wales during the period of Covid19.

Open Category

For young people who have made achievements or contributions in ways that should be recognised but that do not fit into the defined categories above.

2022-23 nominations are now open!


Online Nominations

You can nominate using a quick & easy online form below! Please click on the button below to go through to the nomination form.

Nomination by post or email

Fill in the Black History Wales Youth Award nomination form and send your completed form to:

Race Council Cymru (RCC)
The Arts Wing Singleton Street,
Swansea SA1 3QJ

OR via email to [email protected]