Martha Musonza Holman

Founder of Love Zimbabwe charity and Love Zimbabwe Fair Trade company. Martha is interested in helping others to succeed and appreciate life struggles.
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She has helped set up 15workers’ co-operatives in Zimbabwe. Her organization imports and sells arts crafts from Zimbabwean producers. Profits are sent back where they help in sustainable community development projects especially with parents of disabled children. This shows that Martha has great passion for social justice and equality.

Martha is reliable, honest, and trustworthy- She has worked in Pupils Referral Centers (PRUs) in South Wales where confidentiality is a priority. During these attachments, Martha has proved that she is capable of active listening – picking up important cues from different people. She takes time to reflect when faced with relevant issues and check understanding, without making assumptions or prejudging.

Martha has reached over 300 Welsh schools educating about Fairtrade, ethical consumerism, and poverty. This work has enabled her to pass on her knowledge and expertise clearly, being helpful and encouraging young pupils to make informed decisions in their lifestyles. Martha is a very ethically minded person, and her passion comes through clearly when she gives Fairtrade talks.

Martha left Zimbabwe in January 2001.

  • Left two sons behind and settled in Carmarthenshire.
  • Started volunteering in schools and community organizations as a Fair-trade Speaker.
  • Set up a community interest company that is recognized by the British Association of Fairtrade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) which encourages women in Zimbabwe to work and earn sustainable incomes and fair wages for their products.
  • Has established global markets in the UK which has taken her to festivals such as the Small Nations, Blue Rock, The Green man, Glastonbury, Womad and Zimbabwean Music festival in Seattle, USA.
  • Has been to Pakistan and Czech Republic as an Active citizen of Wales.
  • Was nominated on Jeremy Vine’s show BBC Radio 2 in 2013 as one of the 5 women in the UK who have made great footprints in their countries of origin.
  • In 2013, Love Zimbabwe won the Glastonbury Green Traders Award.
  • Has been part of Climate change campaigns. She participated at Oxfam’s Climate Hearings which provided a platform for the voices of those most affected by climate change to be heard, and for their stories to be told. Represented Oxfam Cymru at the UN Summit on climate change in Copenhagen.
  • Registered Love Zimbabwe Trust in 2016 which works within Zimbabwean Government structures.
  • Set up Chinamhora Community Centre – which has become a Community Hub and a Model of Sustainability. A place where people of all ages meet and share ideas and life skills. The community especially mothers of disabled children and arts and crafts producers use the Centre as a regular meeting place where they work on producing beautiful batiks, beaded animals and other products which are sold in the UK to help them earn sustainable incomes.
  • The Cultural Exchange Program introduced this in 2015. This involves taking young people from the UK to participate in cultural & skills exchange programmes in Zimbabwe.
  • l Established Wales Fair Trade fair (WFTF) which ran between 2008-2018 and introduced The March for Africa that is supported by Abergavenny Food festival.
  • l In 2013, Martha was awarded a special recognition for her contribution to livelihoods and Fair Trade within the Wales Africa sector by the Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa team.
  • l In 2017, Martha received a prestigious award in the category of Social &Humanitarian supported by Ethnic Minorities Welsh Women Achievement Awards (EMWWAA).
  • l 2018- passed Master of Arts degree in Special Education MA(SEN) with a distinction. Her research dissertation was based on inclusive play for disabled children in Zimbabwe.
  • l 2019-2020-Completed PGCE Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET)- specialized in teaching adults with learning needs (ALN/SEN) at FE level.
  • l Currently tutoring at National Star in Wales College for disabled students.


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