John Wyer

John Wyer is based in Bangor, Gwynedd since late,1978 and is married to Rhona Wyer since April 1989. John is one son of Felix M. Wyer.

Apart from being self-employed as an architectural draughtsman for the last 20 years, and employed by Stoke on Trent City Council for 4years, John has engaged with voluntary groups; Whole food cooperatives, Film club, initiating Drumming groups (Rhythmic Hands, Samba Bangor and Batala Bangor) played with Bloco Swn, led by Colin Diamond, including performing for our NW partners for Black History Wales celebrators in Wrexham.

John have travelled widely, USA in 1974, organising with others an overland trip to India and Nepal 1976, visited Russia in 1984. Played at carnival in Bahia, Brasil in 2004 and 2006, visited Jamaica 10 times since 2005.

In 2011 John became chairperson of NWJS.  Also, co-organised with People of Bangor community Group’s ‘City Carnivals ‘for 2010 and 11, producing suitable carnival street decoration with the Carnival Decoration Team.

He has operated with the African and Caribbean Society at Bangor University since 2011and played music with two Ghanaian musicians.

His recent involvement with Black History Wales is co-organising ‘Irie Pesda’, at Neuadd Ogwen Bethesda Gwynedd 2016-19 for NWJS featuring Sons of Africa (Manchester) tributing Count Ossie, MackaB twice and Orchestre les Mangalepa.

John created and curated a Black Music Poster celebration referring to ‘Promoters and their Art’, here in Bangor and NW, in 2019 for Black History Wales.

He co-organised Windrush events 2018/19 in Bangor with NWJS&NWAS supported by Diversity Wales. John’s latest venture is ‘NW’s Caribbean Finger Post’ (soon to be formed) looking at history, heritage, cultural morays, film, music and the arts, food, flora/fauna and news, hoping to create friendships of people who wish to portray the best of North Wales and countries of the Caribbean.  We intend to promote Social events as and when permitted to widen access to diversity and network.