Paolo Piana

Polo piana

I was born in Lambeth and grew up in South London and then West London in areas that were cosmopolitan and racially diverse.

I have a strong passion for equalities and seeing a fairer world. I have long believed that each and every human being has a right to the opportunities to fulfil their potential. Coming from a widely diverse background myself I have seen the ugly side of discrimination, prejudice and hatred.

In 2007 I was a founder member of the Llanelli Multicultural Network, working tirelessly over 13 years working to build a truly multicultural community and support people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

I was a founder member of Black History Month in Wales, over the years delivering events and workshops in Llanelli and Carmarthenshire to educate and to celebrate Black History.

I have been proud to be part of the evolution to Black History Cymru 365 recognising that Black History is a shared history and should be taught and celebrated all year round.

I was humbled and proud to be asked to be the Regional Coordinator for West Wales for Race Council Cymru. This region has many challenges, with many small rural communities that have had little interaction with people from backgrounds other than their own. Being part of RCC is not like being part of a team, it’s being part of a family, a loving caring and supportive family!

Apart from my full-time job with a national Charity I hold a number of positions with a range of community organisations. The common theme is working with disadvantaged, marginalised people and working to build fairer and more cohesive communities.

Outside of work I love travelling, I have lived in the past in India, and love learning about other cultures. I’m passionate about food and enjoy teaching community groups how to cook dishes I have discovered on my travels. I’m an eternal optimist and believe that by working together with others we can create a more caring and fairer world for everybody.